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7 Car Dealership Advertising Ideas Proven to Increase Car Sales

While car sales have been growing steadily in markets around the world. That does not mean that there aren’t dealers out there struggling to attract a steady stream of customers. For many that issue stems directly from them not having any car dealership advertising ideas.

It can take a well planned and expertly executed marketing plan to establish a brand identity and presence that will stand out among the massive amount of noise a consumer experiences everyday.

If your current plan isn’t bringing in customers like you wish it was do not fret. Here are some ideas proven to bring in customers.

Social Ads

Advertising on social media is one of the biggest trends to rise recently in the marketing space. Every social media platform either currently has a platform to deliver ads or is trying to figure out how to deliver ads to their user base. Social advertising can help drive people to your lot simply because of your brand recognition from being online and present in their social media life.


Everyone loves free stuff. So, obviously, it’s not a bad idea to offer free things to reward customers for shopping with you. Whether its cash, or free service, or a discount on a new purchase; making your customer feel like they won a prize for shopping with you is never a bad idea.


If executed correctly, a event can achieve a whole range of goals for your dealership. It can attract people to your lot, build customer relationship, and lay a foundation for future business. Not to mention helping to increase your brand visibility. If you cannot come up with any events do not be afraid to borrow strategies from other dealers. See more.

Community Engagement

Interacting with you community can help your company in many ways. If your local community views your company as a helpful piece of the community rather than simply a place to go spend their money then you can build an extremely strong customer base. You can increase your presence in the community in plenty of way. From participating in local parades or charities to offering opportunities to local customers can help strengthen your brand image on a local level.


This one should almost be self explanatory. The more you can get customers to say that they had a great experience with you the better chance you have of getting more customers. Word of mouth can go a long way and you should not underestimate how powerful someone’s first hand account of their experience with your dealership can be.

There are probably dozens of slogans you can recite off the top of your head at any time. This is not something that has happened on accident. Slogans are a powerful tool to keep your business in mind among potential customers.

Slogans are not just for insane used car dealers. I designed properly, a slogan can be both catchy and memorable while still being professional and appropriate for how you want you business to be represented.

Mobile Ads

Consumers are spending more and more time on their phones and tablets. It’s incredibly important that you have good presence with that audience.

Hopefully these tips can help you grow your business. All of these ideas are proven to keep you dealership in mind when a customer is buying a new vehicle. Check out this: http://www.automotivesuccessacademy.com