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How to Sell More Cars – Car Dealer Marketing On The Internet, There’s More To It Than Getting Found

To find out what your customers see search with “dealership-name reputation.” This will show you what consumers will quickly find out about you. Anything there that you would like to erase? Google has recently put your reputation front and center and even without your customer drilling in they can see your reputation in the Google+ results.

Many dealers have less than a stellar reputation online and most of those going online are checking out the reputations of an automotive email marketing they are considering buying from.

Mobile Buyers are Growing and Are a Hot Market

Mobile is another growing trend. Did you know that right now more people access the Internet from smart phones than from computers? By this, you will be ready on how to sell more cars. Remember that half of mobile phone searchers have the intent of buying that very day. Mobile auto searching has seen a 463% increase every year for the past several years, and the point of all these statistics is that if your website is not mobile ready it is time that you made it so. Here is the kicker—61% of those searching for cars by a mobile device are likely to buy in the next 48 hours. Mobile searchers are a hot market. visit us on http://www.SecretCarMarketingTactics.com

How to Build Your Reputation

How did you fare? If it is not as well as you would have hoped there are things that can be done. Of course, it is nearly impossible to remove bad reviews but what if you could push them off the first page and fill the area in with good reviews? This is entirely possible and a good reputation marketing firm can help you do it. A good firm will help you get good reviews posted from your current customers so that you can get this vital issue taken care of.

Facebook And Dealership Marketing

carsSome other statistics that you should be aware of are that 58% of those buying new vehicle have posted to Facebook, 41% of them have seen a post that changed their minds about a car they were going to buy or a dealer they were going to buy it from and finally 28% have seen something specific online that sent them to a particular dealer. You need to be on Facebook and if you are like most dealers then you already are, but are you doing it right? Is everything you post about a car or a deal that you have? Is it always trying to sell? Alternatively, is your page attractive with interesting pictures and videos that aren’t all trying to sell something? Facebook is, of course, social media and for it to work you must learn to engage with your audience and not always be selling.

After getting your reputation straight, your Facebook page right, and being mobile ready, you also want to engage your customers with YouTube and other social media outlets, you want to rank high on Google+ and you want all of it working together in the right way. Learn what a good reputation and marketing firm can do to help your dealership get more sales.