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Marketing Ideas for Selling Cars

The rise in the use of technology meant a complete shift in the way marketing is done. Automotive marketing agencies have therefore developed a marketing strategy to counter the customer’s massive knowledge on what they want way before they get to your door with the aim of buying a new car.

Marketing Ideas for automotive dealership

Make use of video walk around

This is a cheap way to showcase your vehicles whereby a knowledgeable salesman who knows everything about your vehicles tries to lure the potential buyers as the video is being shown to them around the town or city. Then you can post the video on your website, social networking website and you tube to get more clients. Remember to post how to videos on the car website as this will offer potential buyers with information.

Make use of social media

Social media has proven to provide ways to connect with potential buyers. As an automotive digital marketing agency, you should own a Facebook page or have an active twitter feed to alert your potential buyers of the arrival of new stock and information about existing vehicles. Blogging also offers another platform where questions may be answered and the buyer can also answer various questions without feeling obligated to do so.

Advertising the traditional way

Assuming money is not a problem you can buy space in the local newspapers, pay for some time on television and radio as this will reach a wider range of people.

Have a wider sales team

When using referrals, you could make more sales than expected. Find any other auto related business like vehicle mechanics give them your business cards asking them to refer your automotive dealership to their clients for a commission when they buy a new car or pre- owned car. Read more!

Offer bonuses

Human brains are often attracted to free merchandise don’t forget to use this opportunity to your advantage. The example you could offer free car wash for a duration at a nearby car wash centre. Another way would be to offer rewards for a limited time to car buyers for a certain competition this will consequently increase sales while offering good publicity.

Take the advantage of converting repairs to sales

Auto dealer marketing that offers their customers maintenance and repairs services have a chance to advise on the need to buy a new car or buy a pre-owned car easily. You can also take this time to offer your customers a discount for buying a car as the money they would have been using to repair is now used on buying a new car.

Offer people a test drive incentive

Many people will want to enter your showroom, allow them the chance every so often and use your website blogs and social media to advertise for a chance to test drive competition and offer car accessories or a vacation for the winner. This will get the word out and make your potential buyers actually buy.

In conclusion

Most auto dealership marketing and automotive marketing agencies have been blamed for not being legit you are therefore safe if you apply for accreditation from your local better business bureau meaning your details will be stored in their directory and every time you want to offer information to your potential buyers produce your accreditation certificate to win their trust. For more details read our article: http://www.americanbeautyboats.com/how-to-buy-a-used-car-in-7-steps/